Presenting Contemporary Romance Author Katrina Mills

City Owl Press is excited to present our newest author, Katrina Mills! From beautiful Virginia, Katrina pens contemporary romances with flawed-yet-fabulous heroines, quirky towns people, and butter-melting men. A STEM educator, and Pioneer Woman fanatic, she writes, teaches, cooks, and wholeheartedly believes all things are made better by chocolate.
The first book in her new series, ALL I EVER WANTED, features Kinsley, a heroine who puts a smile on your face from page one, and Bastian, a hero so yummy, you'll need to read with an appetite. Want more? Read on!

School teacher and former engineer, Kinsley Bailey, would rather eat a stick of butter and risk the cardiac overload than return to her hometown of Staunton, Virginia. Laced in bad memories of her mentally ill mother, an estranged father, and the first boy who broke her heart, the town of Staunton personifies the motto never go home again. Yet, instead of using her summer vacation finding a man to make her thirty-fourth birthday more bearable, soaking up the sun, and living up the night life with her friends, she’s forced to return to the nightmare. The news of her father’s death isn’t half as shocking as the contents of his will. Kinsley’s left unraveling the mysteries surrounding a house, an antique gun collection, a flabby basset hound, and a safety deposit box that no one in the family wants to discuss. 

After a series of tough breaks including an ugly divorce, Bastian Harris, ex-army soldier and co-owner of Five Points Firearms, desires the safety and serenity of small town life in Staunton. Even with every available woman in town signing up for his shooting courses and emphasizing their desires for a different kind of target practice, he keeps his nose down and his gun in his holster. Yet, when a certain auburn-haired blast from the past comes blazing into his shop looking to sell her dead father’s antique gun collection, he might have to reconsider the tranquil life and take up arms for the one woman he never could forget. 

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