October Query Tips for Writers - Tip #3

Today, we bring you tip #3 in our series on how to write a great query letter.

Writing queries is part of the craft if you choose to go the route of querying agents or editors. When you start your writing journey, you often hear suggestions of reading novels in the genre that you write in (as well as outside of the genre). That is part of learning the craft - figuring out what works, what doesn't and why. We recommend doing the same when getting ready to write a query letter. Look for samples online, ask the writer community to share the query letters that worked, and those that didn't. The writing community is wonderful, and many are more than willing to share. Note that this in no way means that you should be copying anyone's work. All it means is that it might give you ideas on how to make your own query work better, what may hook an agent/editor and what would make them hit the delete button right away. Find a few people who may critique your query or offer advice. And then send the best, well-edited query to agents and editors (while personalizing each one - see Tip #2).