Author Interview: Paranormal & Contemporary Author Bobbi Hughes-Millman

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Bobbi Hughes-Millman is an award-winning writer of short stories and author of young adult paranormal as well as adult urban fantasy and contemporary romance novels. She spends her time teaching English to professionals in France over the internet while participating as chief entertainer and chauffeur to her two sons along with her husband and partner in crime.

1. What genres do you write or want to write in the future? 
My choice in creating strong and uncompromising female characters comes from my own past as a Marine Corps vet. The mere feat of finishing Marine Corps basic training has helped me to realize, if I can accomplish that, I can do anything. Like everyone else, I will say that I am terribly imperfect, and that my characters take on this same personality trait. We are all beautifully flawed creatures. And life would be boring if it were any different.

2. What attracted you to the City Owl Press? 
I was attracted to City Owl Press because of how they treated me and my manuscript. In this changing world of publishing, it can be difficult to find a publisher who respects your time, as well as the work you have put into your manuscript. I once actually received from a large publisher a faded, photocopied rejection letter, wrinkled and folded like it had been snatched from the clutches of a three-year-old child. When City Owl offered me a contract, although I had another, larger publisher considering Purgatory's Angel, after speaking with Heather McCorkle and her telling me her thoughts on the novel and the future series, I knew that City Owl Press was where it belonged. And they have treated me like I am one of their own. They take their craft seriously and not only promote their company but their authors, as well.

3.  Where do you see yourself in 5, 10 years? 
My future plans are to have the first and possibly second books in the four-book Dark Angel series out before the Romantic Times Booklovers Convention in Las Vegas next year. Longer range goals include promoting the devil (pun intended) out of the book series to include pitching the project for a feature film.

4. Tell our readers why they should pick up your book.
Purgatory's Angel is a novel that, once I started writing, I couldn’t purge the characters from my mind. On a long road trip, I pondered the romance novels I have read with weak female characters who needed a man to save them. I wondered why we couldn’t have a strong heroine who was the one doing the saving instead, and still maintain the same romantic intensity. And it was on that long, empty stretch of highway, at 2 o’clock in the morning, that Jaime Connor was born.

Jaime is a flawed angel who was once one of the fiercest and most respected archangels in the preexistence. On earth, she has become jaded, having seen her parents killed in their sleep and now battling demons who want to do the same to her. She isn’t weak or shallow. Her job is to hunt demons in her dreams, she kills every night and wakes with the stain of regret that builds to the very end. Jaime lives each day, wishing one of the demons she meets in her sleep will kill her before she wakes, but she is too prideful to allow the ending she desires. When she meets Collin Leary in one of her dreams, with his deep green eyes and the smell of the wet, Irish moors, she hopes he’s the one who will be up to the dark task. But the next day, when she awakes from her dream, she can’t remember what happened and meets up in her waking life with the demon she was meant to have killed in her sleep. As much as she feels attracted to the man bent on seducing her, she can’t help but wonder how he is still alive and if he’s the one attacking her from the shadows of her dreams just as the demon is about to die.

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