Author Interview: Dark Fantasy Author Natalia Brothers

A new author joins City Owl Press. Today, we welcome dark fantasy author, Natalia Brothers!
Her novel, The Soul Of A Stillborn, takes the readers to exotic locations and immerses them into the world of paranormal, folklore and, of course, romance!

1.    Tell our readers a little about yourself and your work
A frosty winter night enfolds the alleys, and a halo frames the full moon; I’m skiing in Gorky Park in the dim light of streetlamps. My favorite childhood memory. Little did I know that just a few years later, I’d fall in love with an American Marine and move across the Atlantic; that I’d learn to speak and dream in English; choose cultivating orchids as my profession; that one day I’d decide to write a novel based on my family mythology. Winter is still my favorite season. I’m fortunate to live in the foothills of Pikes Peak, where snowstorms continue create their fantastic landscapes as late as April and May.

2.    What genres do you write or want to write in the future?
I write dark fantasy with romantic elements. I’m fascinated with the idea of an ordinary person facing an authentic supernatural occurrence. How would someone react? How would his or her life change? But a love story is always the center of my novels.

3.    What attracted you to the City Owl Press?
Have you ever participated in a Twitter Pitch Contest? The essence of your novel in 140 characters—it’s challenging, it’s exhilarating, and it could be a gateway to publishing. At the end of a very long day, after receiving my share of “favs,” I posted one last tweet, one last pitch. The next morning I checked my notifications. That tweet received a “fav,” and the publisher was the City Owl Press. They favored very few pitches, and that alone caught my full attention. I did my research, sent a query letter, and from the beginning of my communication with Yelena Casale I knew I would accept a publication offer if such was made.

4.    Where do you see yourself in 5, 10 years?

I was working in my garden back in Virginia, and a cute animal, someone’s lost pet, appeared out of nowhere and sniffed my hand. A ferret! We couldn’t locate his owner. We adopted two more, and for years I was a proud mom of a small business of ferrets (that’s how a group of ferrets is called).
One day, my husband and I saw the Broadmoor hotel on a travel channel and thought the area was spectacular. Several months later, we called Colorado home.
Who knows where my imagination or circumstances will take me in 5, 10 years? I just hope it’s all good.

5.    Tell our readers why they should pick up your book
My book is written for readers who enjoy a love story set in trying circumstances. “Vishenky’s Legends and Supernatural Phenomena: Are you brave enough to experience them?” asks Valya, the heroine of The Soul of a Stillborn. I have a different question. Imagine you were stillborn and resurrected by a paranormal entity. Can you call yourself human if your every breath, every emotion, every desire is generated by supernatural forces? Valya’s world implodes when she learns about the horrific circumstances of her birth, but her frantic efforts to prove she’s not destined to perish in the otherworldly dimension are turning her into something she fights to prove she’s not. A soulless monster.

Born in Moscow, Natalia grew up with the romance and magic of Russian fairy tales. She never
imagined that one day she’d be swept off her feet by an American Marine. An
engineer-physicist-chemist, Natalia realized that the powder metallurgy might not be her true
calling when on a moonless summer night she was spooked by cries of a loon in a fog-wrapped
meadow. What if, a writer’s unrelenting muse, took hold of her. Two of her passions define her
being. Natalia is an orchid expert and she writes dark fantasy.

Thanks so much to Natalia for giving us an inside look at The Soul Of A Stillborn! Be sure to add it to your list, coming this fall! Find more from Natalia across the internet.