Author Interview: Urban Fantasy Author Connor Drexler

A new author joins City Owl Press. Today, we welcome urban fantasy author, Connor Drexler!
His novel, Mad God Walking, introduces to a native of a unique dark world of Sideways as he tires to makes a life for himself in Brooklyn, New York, and form human relationships.

1.    Tell our readers a little about yourself and your work.
My name is Connor, I have worked in the New York City wine industry for eight years and have spent my life dreaming about writing fiction.

My Novel, Mad God Walking, is a dark and sometimes tongue-in-cheek take on Urban Fantasy. The main character, Damon, comes from a world called Sideways and tries his best to fit in and make friends in Brooklyn, unaware of the addictive and destructive effects his sorcery has on himself and the world.

2.    What genres do you write or want to write in the future?
I currently write speculative fantasy, and young adult but love almost every genre and would love to give mystery a crack.

3.    What attracted you to the City Owl Press?
City Owl has done a great job publishing indie authors and I really liked their take on Mad God Walking.

4.    What has your experience been like working with City Owl Press?
So far so good, but we haven’t started the editing process so my precious author feelings haven’t been hurt yet.

5.    Where do you see yourself in 5, 10 years?
I would love to live either near a beach or a mountain, maybe both? It would be great to someday meet someone who really connected with my work. Also, you really haven’t made it until someone creates a tumbler page shipping characters.

6.    Tell our readers why they should pick up your book.
Mad God Walking is my mad love child of a once upon a time when Murakami and Gaimen got drunk together in a back alley bar that only opens at 3 am, never in the same place and the bartender just smiles while he pours shots of whiskey from bottles lost to the Titanic.

Thanks so much to Connor for giving us an inside look at Mad God Walking! Be sure to add it to your list, coming this fall! Find more from Connor by following him  on Twitter and Instagram.