Blackbird Series, Short Story 0.5

Logan has spent his entire life knowing he was different. An invisible force has guided him through important—and not so important—decisions, always pointing him in the right direction. His Gram calls his sixth sense the Chans, a word that means luck in her native Haitian creole.

One afternoon, while driving home from a faculty meeting at the school where he teaches music, Logan feels the familiar tug of the Chans. Usually the pull is like a suggestion being whispered in his ear. This time, however, it is a demand—one he is compelled to follow.

When the Chans leads him to a ramshackle diner in an out-of-the-way rural Mississippi town, Logan thinks there must be a mistake. But before he talks himself into leaving, a woman walks in that will change his life forever.

Magical Realism
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