Author's Corner: Dark Fantasy Author Danielle DeVor

Today, dark fantasy author Danielle DeVor shares with us what scares her. Prepared to be creeped out.

What Scares Me by Danielle DeVor

“If Danielle runs, we all run,” was once the motto of a ghost hunting group I belonged to. We never found anything but bad wiring, but that’s beside the point. My family has a long history of experiences that are unusual, and, for most people, fear inspiring.

My father lived in two haunted houses growing up and my favorite memories of my grandmother are of me sitting at her feet and her telling me about all the goings on in the old house. When she ran out of real stories, then she started telling me about the horror films she had enjoyed over the years.

My mother once saw a ghost the night her grandmother died. I think you can sense a pattern here.

But, these are still not my fears. And, especially not what scares me in films. Because I pay attention to things like not wanting demons to know your biggest fears, I will not be listing those, However, I am going to mention a few movies that have given me the willies over the years and why.

And, yes, I am afraid of demons. However, I have fought them and won, but that is a story for another day.

So, onto the movies that scare me and why.

The Exorcist—Ironically, not because of the subject matter, but what happened while watching the movie at a friend’s house when I was 13. Her family were devout Catholics and had forbidden her to watch the movie. Of course, she calls me up and asks me if I will watch the movie with her. It was Christmas break. I had my mother drive me over, and Maggie and I proceed to watch the movie. Just at the moment of the giant exorcism scene, the crucifix fell off the wall in Maggie’s dining room.
I also don’t recommend watching it in the dark. Sometimes, you can see things.

American History X—Neo-nazi’s are scary by themselves, but there is one scene in this film when Ed Norton’s character places a gang member’s mouth on a curb and stomps, breaking his jaw and killing him. It is the sound of the bones breaking that gets me every time. I do not know what the foley artist used, but damn.

The Ray Bradbury Theatre Episode “The Playground”—Having been the victim of bullying as a child, having a grown up adult stumble across a playground full of the demonic children that tormented him as a child is scary as hell.

Medicine Man—This probably seems an odd choice for fear, but the whole movie is about Sean Connery finding the cure for cancer in a specific plant that exists in the jungle. Then, an evil conspiracy comes along and burns down the part of the jungle because they don’t want cancer to be cured. They want to continue making money from people’s suffering. It scares me because it is perfectly plausible in the world we live in. With owners of drug companies jacking up prices on medications people need to live, all because of greed, it isn’t very far fetched.

Dawn of the Dead (1979)—Not because of the zombies. They are green for god’s sakes. But the music. I honestly think Goblin’s soundtrack for this movie is one of the scariest scores ever written. You can totally envision something evil stalking around just listening to the soundtrack.

And, finally, Where the Day Takes You—It is the most realistic movie I have ever seen about the life of kids on the street. It is so very sad. And yet, so extraordinarily done that I can’t help recommending it. The scary part, of course, is that anyone can end up on the street. All it takes is one job layoff too many. The realities of street life are fully represented. It is ugly.

Well, I'm feeling the willies now...

Pick up Danielle's dark fantasy today:

Not All Exorcists are Equal....One is Marked 

When defrocked ex-priest, Jimmy Holiday, agrees to help an old friend with his sick daughter, he doesn’t expect the horrors that await him. Blackmoor, his friend’s new residence, rests upon the outskirts of the town of Sorrow’s Point. The mansion’s history of magic, mayhem, and death makes it almost a living thing – a haunted mansion straight out of a Stephen King novel. Jimmy must decide if the young girl, Lucy, is only ill, or if the haunting of the house and her apparent possession are real. 

After the house appears to affect him as well with colors of magic dancing before his eyes, rooms warded by a witch, and a ring of power in his voice, Jimmy is met by a transient who tells him he has “the Mark.” Whatever being “marked” means, Jimmy doesn’t care. All he wants to do is help Lucy. But, helping Lucy means performing an exorcism.

Named one of the Examiner’s 2014 Women in Horror: 93 Horror Authors you Need to Read Right Now, Danielle DeVor has been spinning the spider webs, or rather, the keyboard for more frights and oddities. She spent her early years fantasizing about vampires and watching “Salem’s Lot” way too many times. When not writing and reading about weird things, you will find her hanging out at the nearest coffee shop, enjoying a mocha frappuccino. Visit her HERE.