People Being Awesome

By: Kin S. Law

“Hold on. I’m going to be Awesome.”

If you’re in a car with me driving and you hear these words, its probably because I’m about to do something of… questionable moral fiber. Like driving through some parking spaces because the exit is choked off by a truck, or cutting ahead of people because I need to turn at the last second. Zipping across six lanes to get to the Shake Shack across the street. (This is not my fault, the exit is idiotically placed. Usually there are gaps in traffic on a red light) I don’t do it often, or if I can avoid it, but that phrase is your signal to keep a lookout. Or whatever it is you do when your driver needs to make an emergency decision. Sorry, fellow motorists.

But these past few months I’ve felt the need to be Awesome more and more often, and not in a driving situation. That is because I have been the sole breadwinner and caretaker of a wife with a chronic illness since November of last year. It was a mixed bag of fortunate and unfortunate circumstances: we moved closer to people who can help, but away from our accustomed conveniences in the city. Mostly it means I’ve had to adapt. The Episode Where Vox Does Emergency Laundry. The Episode Where Vox Makes Dinner From Seemingly Nothing. The Episode Where Vox Rushes Wifey To The Emergency Room. That sort of Awesome.

So when it comes to stuff like New York City Comic Con, I fully expected to have to be Awesome the whole time we were there.

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KIN S. LAW is a citizen of the world, a child of Hong Kong and a denizen of New York. Moving often as a child and traveling the world, books were sometimes his only friends—and valuable teachers. It is his stalwart belief that books are the finest humanity has to offer the universe, and dares to spend his days making them. He loves scotch, coffee, bacon, cooking, anime, tokusatsu, origami, Stephen Chow, Douglas Adams, and cats. Kin is also a trained chef and food writer.