12 Days of Christmas Advent Story Calendar By Kin S. Law

To celebrate the holiday season starting today and ending on Christmas eve, author Kin S. Law will be sharing 12 days of short stories on his blog.

  • 12/12- A Lovecraftian Cat In The Hat
  • 12/13- What Happened to Kitty Desperado?
  • 12/14- Luxus Non Grata in: Sharp’s Trump
  • 12/15- The Temporal Transgression of Wellington Barnes
  • 12/16- Demon Sword Chapter 1
  • 12/17- The Maiden Voyage
  • 12/18- Four-Stroke Utopia
  • 12/19- The Drop
  • 12/20- Koopa
  • 12/21- An Iron Pragmatism
  • 12/22- Lyn Minmay Day on Macross Exceed
  • 12/23-The End, Or No Fury
  • 12/24-A Steampunk Christmas

It's the perfect time to get to know Kin as his awesome steampunk novel, FUTURE THAT NEVER WAS, hits shelves this Thursday!
Be sure to check out his stories and pick up a paperback copy of his book or pre-order the digital version from any retail outlet.