Owl Madness Day 2: Nicole Terry

Crazy Family = Crazy Love

Welcome to Owl Madness y’all! I’m glad you’ve stopped by. 

The theme today is family and community. When deciding what to write about, I emailed Negeen back and forth, talking about possibilities. Obviously, I was going to talk about family and romance and tie that in with my book.

But how to do it?

Then Christmas came around and I discovered my answer.

Families, like love and romance, are full of fun and thorny layers. But there is always love. The love you feel for that cousin with a shady past. Or the sibling you never really got along with but you love anyway because you understand that every person is different and you have to respect that. Family is the support system in your life that keeps you grounded, keeps you sane (or insane as the case may be). 

Family is what prepares you for the life you want to live. And the people and community you want to love.

In my debut, CRAZY ON YOU, the mid-sized small town of Oakvale is full of oddball characters spread throughout the community. All of whom have an influence on the heroine Diane. They watched her grow, she watched them watch her grow…and both sides learned a little something in the process. There’s a scene where Diane’s at work the Monday after being accidentally kidnapped and put through the emotional gauntlet by the hero. She’s fielding calls from concerned yet nosy townsfolk, who, having known her for so long, want to share their opinions about her life choices. Some of it she gets, some of it she knows is just aggravating. But she tolerates it. (And yes, that has happened to me.)

Family cares and the community is a family.
Being raised, and still living, in a small town, I know the benefits and pitfalls of living so closely tied with people. Several of my writer friends will tell you the drama I’ve dealt with as friends of friends of family who want to share my authorness with the world go about it in a way that makes me nuts.
But I’m learning to suck it up because they love me.

Yes, some days it’s bothersome to have people recognize my car in a random parking and have them call and ask me to bring them something from the store. But it’s also reassuring to know when they see said car in the parking lot of the ER they immediately rally to provide care and concern and baked goods or whatever else I may need.

This is what I want to come across in CRAZY ON YOU.

Well, that and the fact that small town living is a freakin’ hoot. We’re all a little crazy ‘round here! :P But mostly that no matter what, family is family and love is love and both are extremely important components of my writing.

(Note: I’m not one for photographs but my family loves them and loves sharing them...whether I like it or not. So the above photos are members of my family...so I can return the favor. Ha! Take that Mom!)

Nicole Terry is a southern gal with northern sensibilities or, depending on the day, a northern gal
with southern sensibilities, thanks in large part to the unique location of her home. 

Writing allows her to share the crazy that results from the dichotomy. She believes in the healing power
of laughter, Cherry Dr Pepper, Justin Timberlake and, most importantly, happily ever after.
Crazy on You is her first book and her homage to her random tendencies, love of alpha heroes, and soft
spot for women who find love in the craziest ways. Visit her website www.nicoleterrybooks.com or
on Instagram and Twitter for even more randomness.


Diane Thompson wakes up in the backseat of her car, shocked to find she’s acquired a chauffeur. Realizing she’s been inadvertently kidnapped, she swears off tequila—and Chili’s—then dials 9-1-1. But her rescue comes at a cost. Her savior, too-macho-for-words Lt. Cole Anderson, refuses to let Diane out of his sight until her kidnappers are apprehended. He’s already lost one woman he cared about due to his inattention; he’s not letting it happen a second time.
But Diane isn’t a damsel-in-distress type of girl. When it turns out the criminals left a valuable item in her car and they want it back, involving Cole isn’t part of her plan and not only because the criminals have forbidden her from involving the cops. Men are like birds—messy, easily distracted, and only around when there’s something to eat. She’s got this. All she has to do is find and return the item in question to the drug runners threatening her life, survive a high-speed car chase, and keep her vow to never trust a man with her heart.