Owl Madness Day 4: Maryanne Fantalis and Willa Ramsey

Ever wonder how your fave historical figures—real and imaginary—would fare in today’s world? George Wickham would be sleazy on Tindr, we'd bet. Mary Bennet would be a fixture at Open Mic Night. And like everyone else in her writing seminar, Jane Austen would hear a whole lot of "mansplaining."

The outspoken heroines of our own books—Kate, from Medieval England, and Caro, from the Regency—would be quick to embrace modern messaging apps, wethinks.

Here they are on WhatsApp, lamenting that no matter the time period, it’s often an act of courage to have an opinion and a vagina at the same time:


Find Kate’s story in FINDING KATE, a retelling of Shakespeare’s TAMING OF THE SHREW, available now at Amazon and online from Barnes & Noble.

You can read more about Caro in EVERYTHING BUT THE EARL, to be released in summer 2018. Find out more on Willa’s website.

MARYANNE FANTALIS lives in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains with her husband and two kids. Her series, Shakespeare’s Women Speak, combines her two favorite subjects: medieval England and Shakespeare’s plays. 

WILLA RAMSEY loves reading and writing about defiant woman, bantering couples, and cheeky, tight-knit families. EVERYTHING BUT THE EARL is her first novel.