Owl Madness Day 5: Diane Holiday

My name is Diane Holiday. I’m an award-winning author of romantic suspense novels and a 2016 Golden Heart® Finalist. I’ve been writing for most of my life. Cringe-worthy writing though, until I became an empty nester. That’s when I dove into the craft, joined critique groups, and learned what I needed to improve. Now I have a published book, Love in Hiding, and am working on the second in the Love Beyond Danger series.
I have a crazy story to share with you about my life. If I wrote a book about it, I’d get one-star reviews with people saying it was too far-fetched. Hang with me and I’ll tell you about it, but first I’d like to talk about writing.
I like to write alpha heroes and spunky heroines. Humor is a huge part of my life and carries through in my writing. I’m a bit of a nut, but that’s what makes life fun. If I can make you smile and keep you up at night turning pages, I’ve achieved my goal. I spent a month in Cape May in November and I ran around with my book and posted pictures of it in decorations. So yeah, I was that crazy author poking her head through face cut-outs and posing with the book. (Where’s Waldo? Can you spy my cover in the Merry Christmas cut out and with the Grinch?)

I’m so excited about the release of my book! Here’s the cover and blurb.

LOVE IN HIDING (Book 1 of the Love Beyond Danger Series)
 Running from danger, caught by love.

With her life at risk, Sarah Cooper hangs up her ballet shoes and flees her glamorous career in San Diego. She assumes a new identity and takes refuge at a horse ranch in rural Maryland. Mucking stalls is a far cry from center stage, and the ranch’s so-called “horse whisperer” is the complete opposite of the men she’s used to. He’s stubborn, sullen, and sexy.

Unfortunately, he's also suspicious. Of her.

Bruce Murphy trusts his horses, and since the new ranch hand showed up, they’ve been skittish. Sarah's trouble, and Bruce wants her gone before he loses anyone else he cares about. She challenges him until he can’t decide if he should kiss or shake her. But the more time they spend together, the more he sees the truth: Sarah isn’t trouble, she’s in trouble.

Bruce guards his heart as tightly as Sarah guards her secrets, but they each have something the other needs—Sarah needs Bruce to help her stay alive and Bruce needs Sarah to help him learn to live again.


Side note: All joking aside, my husband is a retired Navy Captain and Bruce (hero in Love in Hiding) is a veteran who runs a hippotherapy program on the ranch for amputee vets. I’m grateful to all who have served and are serving now. This book was inspired by the testimonies and films I watched of the way horses and wounded veterans heal each other. It’s a beautiful thing that made me cry. Yes, this is a romance story, but the characters are deep, and I am so thankful to City Owl Press for picking up this book because I always wanted to get this message out, and it’s been near and dear to my heart. For every book sold, I am personally donating to a non-profit organization that supports wounded veterans.


Now for the latest in my life. Here it goes. Seven moves in six months. Yup. You heard me right. 

My husband and I sold our waterfront Jersey home in one day and nearly everything we owned in three weeks. With no clue where we wanted to live, we figured we would rent in Maine until summer was over and then we would go check out Florida. We rented a house in Maine in the Sugarloaf ski area. The home was infested, and I was eaten alive by spiders, ants, and when I started sleeping in a mosquito tent on the bed, noseeums attacked me. So, we found another place to rent halfway up the mountain. We spent two months, through September, at an elevation of 3,000 feet in 85-90 degrees with no AC. The Mainers said, “It’s never this hot!” Go figure. I booked a trip to Florida because I wanted to find a place for us to rent after summer. Two days before I was to leave, hurricane Irma whipped through the state, wiping out the places we were interested in. (Still with me?)

Meanwhile, my sweet 13-year-old golden retriever injured her paw, and between being roasted alive, (despite the cooling mat and fans I put on her, and every other day long drives to the vet for wound care), we lost her. Devastated, we went to our next rental that was near Camden. A crazy, unprecedented storm roared through and knocked power out for 99% of the state of Maine. We were in a cabin in the woods with well and septic so we had no running water. My husband lugged buckets of lake water to the house for the toilet until we gave up. We spent five nights going from hotel to hotel, and with no end in sight for power to that house, we scrambled to find a rental in Cape May, NJ and returned.

Did I mention that my book released during this time? My FIRST book release and I barely had time to notice. We set our sights on South Carolina and found a rental in Chapin. Looked nice enough on paper, but two days in, the basement repeatedly flooded, the refrigerator leaked, the hard-well water started destroying our skin and hair. We looked for homes to buy to get out of the rental and an unprecedented storm (again!) Grayson roared through, dumped snow, and busted a pipe. Different house, different state, and yes, hubby once again was hauling buckets of lake water up to use the bathroom. We gave up after three days and went back to the hotel scramble.

The good news is that we did find a beautiful, new home on the water and us nomads will be settling down in early February. Done with renting! Phew! And despite all the things that life threw at us, my husband and I have each other, and all of this is just “noise.” My grown kids are doing well, and I see the real struggles of people on facebook who are dealing with cancer or way worse problems and am grateful for all that I have. This has been quite the journey, and yes, I’m exhausted, but at the end of the day, it’s been a learning experience for both of us. And the writer in me is itching to make this into a story.
And if anyone one-stars me for credibility? You just can’t make this stuff up!

Thanks for taking the time to check me out! I love to connect with people!

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