Owl Madness Day 7: Danielle DeVor

This is supposed to be a blog post that describes something in our lives or about us that relates to our books. Well, since mine are about a defrocked priest and his witchy fiancé who end up doing exorcisms and fighting various beasties, it is a little hard to make a connection per se.



The Marker Chronicles started because my cousin and I were having a conversation about the lack of good horror movies that were coming out at the time. I blurted out, “It’s easy. Say, take a big old house that has a dark history. An evil man. And this cop comes up on the porch seeing the evil man tearing into a child’s leg with his teeth. That’s the start of a twisted ghost thing right there!” That small premise was the beginning of Sorrow’s Point, book one of the Marker Chronicles.


So, I guess I better explain why I can think of something like that pretty easily. I’m a confirmed horror film addict. I can remember staying up late at night in the late 1970’s and early 1980’s watching Chilly Billy Cardille out of Pittsburgh on Saturday nights. He hosted a variety of horror and sci fi films. That put me around five. LOL.

I was never easily scared. Not of monsters anyway. No, my biggest fear was of the dark. Very ironic that I loved watching monster movies, but the minute the lights were off, I became a super scaredy cat. I still sleep with a light on, though if the power goes out, I am more mad than scared.


It was nothing in my family for my grandmother to bring the entire family together to talk about the latest Friday the 13th movie. The slasher movies used to make her cackle. Some of my fondest memories are her ghost stories she used to tell—real ones.

So, with this background, it was inevitable that I become who I am today. I miss my grandmother. She would have enjoyed my stories I think.

My family is part of my writing though. My father, his quips are used in The Marker Chronicles. Pretty much every smart aleky thing my main character, Jimmy Holiday, says has come out of my dad’s mouth at one time or another. I also use various names or character quirks from people in my family. It helps that we are Eastern European and loud. LOL.

My imagination was fueled by my family and the way they attacked life. While my father is still here making the devil fear the day when he wakes each morning, many of the others are gone now. The passage of time takes care of us all. But, I have tried to immortalize them in my pages. Hopefully, I have done them justice.