Celebrating Rachel Sullivan: The Woman Who Took Back Her Name

When City Owl Press was first founded, it was with the ideal that we would always be a company that put the needs of its authors and readers first. We have tried hard to live up to that notion, and today, we are happily celebrating with Rachel Sullivan, our author who decided after a hard struggle to take back her name. All the books in her amazing series celebrate women coming into their power, and we are proud that she has followed in her character's footsteps and taken her name back. See her books and her story below.

BOOK 3http://smarturl.it/ishtarCO


It’s strange how writers, as creators of worlds, search for inspiration around us when an unending well of the stuff already exists within ourselves. Often our everyday lives inspire our stories. But every once in a while inspiration for our mundane lives is birthed from our fictional ideas, our own creations. Rather than reality giving life to fiction, the fiction gives life to our reality. While I can’t explain it, I fully embrace this almost magical phenomenon because it’s brought me to a major realization about myself, my writing, and my publishing career.

The moment Faline Frey stepped into my mind and heart, I adored her. Created by the Goddess Freyja, Faline reminded me of so many of us—out of fear, she suppressed her greatest asset. Within her core, lived a smoldering ember that begged to receive oxygen enough to light her self-destructive fear in a fiery blaze. Faline, like so many others, suppressed her intuition, that knowing deep within.

And as a result, she ultimately suppressed her power.... READ MORE at Rachel's Blog.